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"Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you." Isaiah 60:1

"The first time I heard Elizabeth speak I knew that she was supposed to be the speaker for our next women’s retreat! The freedom anointing that Elizabeth carries is powerful and the story that God has given her to bring awareness to darkened areas of the soul is so sweet and sensitive." -Pastor P. N.

  • “Healing Your Heart Sessions” Personally inspired inner-healing sessions for the wounded, broken-hearted, and those desiring to connect with God are
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  • Elizabeth offers inspired teaching, prophetic messages, and motivating stories with testimonies for all ages, (children, youth, adults) cultures, churches, and
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  • Thank you for the interest you have shown in Aurora’s Classes. It's our desire to assist those called by God
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  • Classes and sessions to help understand dreams biblically and obtain freedom from nightmares or dreams that are perplexing, reoccurring, disturbing
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  • Thank you for your interest in Aurora's mentoring processes to become a skilled Healing Your Heart facilitator and achieve your
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  • AURORA Worldwide partners with D.I.S.I.RE Outreach Ministries to reach out to the lost, needy, and those broken-hearted in the northwest
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Welcome to Aurora Worldwide

Thank you for visiting the new website of Aurora Worldwide. Formerly known as Stairways International, the Aurora Worldwide team is continuing to expand in various areas of ministry.

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