Biblical Dreams



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If any dreams have left you feeling fearful, anxious or perplexed and you want to get free and restored. COME to one of our Dream Classes or set up a Personal Session. Our hope is for you to receive assistance in understanding your dreams, discerning where they might be coming from, and receive the assurance and/or healing needed to get freedom and personal breakthrough from fears, anxieties or concerns.

Daniel 4:19 “Do not let the dream or interpretation trouble you…” Acts 2:17 “It shall come to pass in the last days …old men will dream dreams.”

Through this training you are taught tools to understand and interpret your dreams, recognize symbols, and learn inner-healing tools to set you free from disturbing dreams, nightmares, night terrors, recurring dreams, or dreams from the past. This process can bring clarity, relief, and God’s presence of love, protection, good news, guidance, and needed counsel. As Luke 4:18 states, the Lord desires us to receive His good news, to set the captive free, give recovery of sight to those who cannot see, and to set at liberty all who are oppressed.