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Elizabeth RoBless-Johnson


Inner Healing Facilitator – Spiritual Life Coach

At age 3 Elizabeth received Jesus as her Lord and Savior and ever since she has loved & delighted in Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. At age 4 she had a defining experience with God that continues to impact her life and this ministry today. She called out to Him and asked Him where He was. She became consumed with a vision of a billowing cloud rolling down to her as a “stairway from heaven with Jesus.” She has had countless times in worship and prayer with Him seeing “His stairway.” At a young age she loved the Bible and wanted to share it with everyone. Elizabeth discovered a love for people and a passion to pray for them to know His love, healing, and peace.After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Theology in 1987, intercession, church ministry, inner-healing, deliverance, and prayer for the hurting became her compelling joy and passion. Even though much of her focus for 20 years was teaching and pastoring in the Children’s and Youth Ministry, her heart for the hurting and lost led her to pray and seek the Lord’s wisdom for more answers. In her journey of overcoming great hardships, persecution, and a variety of difficult tested experiences, her faith and experience in God’s loving faithfulness has helped to establish and season her ministry of compassion, understanding, and courageous confidence in the perfect love and goodness of God.

Over the past 30 years God prepared her with several inner-healing, deliverance, intercession, and prophetic ministries which ultimately led her to become proficient with inner-healing with God’s anointing to help others. After many years of dedicated church life and joy serving the local body the Lord expanded her ministry to become a chaplain in the business marketplace for 3 years and extend ministry to various home-groups, churches, and outreach ministries in the northwest. For almost four years now she has offered personal inner-healing sessions full-time thru her ministry of Aurora Worldwide (formerly known as Stairways Intl), as well as trainings, conferences, and a variety of ministry outreach.She is an Ordained Minister with the International Fellowship of Ministries and the International Association of Healing Rooms carrying the vision of John G. Lake. Elizabeth is a current board member of D.I.S.I.RE. Outreach Ministries in Olympia, Washington with its loving vision to reach out to our communities and the world with the love of Jesus Christ. Elizabeth joins with Pastor Nick and Jo Lembo in establishing their church “Generations” in northwest Washington.

She and her board of directors and intercessors highly value and meet regularly for intercession, counsel, and board meetings to maintain godly unity, support, and accountability to ensure the ministry is guided by the wisdom of God’s Word and the counsel of the Holy Spirit.

Elizabeth is also a dynamic guest speaker for Retreats, Conferences, Camps, and Ministry groups in the northwest. Her messages bring faith and hope forged from the fires of betrayal, loss and persecution. Her love and passion for Jesus has carried her through the darkest of days bringing her into a place of victory and freedom that you can attain to. Elizabeth is real and relevant and imparts tools to help others through the storms that they may be facing now or in the future. Her motivational messages, encouraging stories, and scores of testimonies for all ages help inspire others to know God’s goodness and His loving heart for their personal life.

As a compassionate advocate to victims of human trafficking, with Shared Hope International, she is also a Support Group Leader for families of human trafficked victims.

She is available for personal “Healing Your Heart” sessions as well as speaking engagements. If you would like to schedule a Healing Heart session or to have her speak at your church or group please contact us.


  1. Founder and Minister of Aurora Worldwide/Stairways Intl. nonprofit 501c3 Ministry in Olympia, WA since September 2010.
  2. Minister/Prayer Facilitator of full-time Inner-Healing “Healing Your Heart” sessions
  3. Teacher/Mentor offering classes and workshops, conferences, retreats, camps, and ministry support to individuals, churches, and organizations.
  4. Inspired Speaker to churches, home churches, women’s groups, youth, and children in the NW.
  5. Faith-based Counselor and Teacher for Inner healing of night-mares and disturbing dreams. Teacher of Biblical Dream Classes
  6. Member of Outreach D.I.S.I.RE. Ministries in Washington State. Outreach Partner and Mentor.
  7. Prophetic prayer ministry reaching varied ages, cultures, venues, and the marketplace.
  8. Pastoral Inner-healing Mentor, Biblical Christian Counselor, Spiritual Life Coach
  9. Compassionate supporter and advocate for victims of human trafficking with Shared Hope International. Support Group Leader for families of human trafficked victims.
  10. Expanding in several areas of ministry in the northwest