Heart & Soul Classes

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Thank you for the interest you have shown in Aurora’s Classes. It’s our desire to assist those called by God to this incredible ministry of healing and new life.

Aurora Worldwide offers

Healing The Heart Class – Level 1
Healing The Heart Class – Level 2
Healing The Heart Class – Level 3
Help for Dreams Class
Parenting Tools Class
Marriage Workshop

Through these classes people are taught effective tools for themselves and others to receive inner-healing and closer relationship with God and family. The tools help people to get personal break-through, to be set free, heal wounds of the heart, replace lies with the truth, break off strongholds, cut off access to the enemy, and connect with the true Loving God in a rich and personal way.

We help bring understanding of the cause of emotional pain, about suppression, and how to be set free with inspired inner-healing tools led by the Holy Spirit. We offer many examples, testimonies, and scriptural basis for all we share. In the class we discuss practical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. We offer personal experience, activations, and answer questions.

Our aim is for each person to learn and experience personally how the tools work and how to share this healing with others to experience His Love and receive personal breakthrough, freedom, and inner-healing so they can thrive and fulfill their destiny.

We offer a variety of classes in Olympia, Washington several times a year. Please see our events page for times and dates. We typically offer a six-hour class including lunch and breaks (9am-4pm). Times and content can be adjusted to meet the needs and requests of each group that desires any of the information or instruction that Aurora provides.

We travel to churches, home-groups, and ministry locations with usually a five person minimal attendance for classes and/or ministry. We also offer a variety of other inspired classes for children, youth, young mothers, and ministry groups on request.

We look forward to serving you and sharing the healing love the Lord has for us all.