Our History


In The Beginning

Our history begins with Founder and President of Aurora Worldwide, Elizabeth RoBless-Johnson, who began her Christian journey very young. At age 3, Elizabeth received Jesus as her Lord and Savior, and ever since she has loved & delighted in Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. At age 4, she had a defining experience with God that continues to impact her life and this ministry today. She called out to Him and asked Him where He was, and He revealed Himself in a magnificent way. She became consumed with a vision of a billowing cloud rolling down to her as a “stairway from heaven with Jesus.” She has had countless times in worship and prayer with Him seeing “His stairway”. Throughout her youth, she loved the Bible and wanted to share it with everyone. Elizabeth discovered a love for people and a passion to pray for them to know His love, healing, and peace. Everywhere she went, she prayed for people who needed prayer and spent much time in prayer for people.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Theology in 1987, interests in the areas of intercession, church ministry, inner-healing, deliverance, and prayer for the hurting became her compelling joy and passion. Even though much of her focus for 20 years was teaching and pastoring in the Children’s and Youth Ministry, her heart for the hurting and lost led her to pray and seek the Lord’s wisdom for more answers. Over the past 30 years God prepared her through the involvement in several inner-healing, deliverance, intercession, and prophetic ministries. The culmination of training and experience ultimately led her to become proficient with the inner-healing tools used today in the “Healing your Heart” sessions and classes today.

At a prophetic conference in 2007, she sensed the Lord commission her to begin the ministry of Stairways and offer prayer for those He sends that are needing to know more of His love, comfort, and inner-healing. Shortly after, Elizabeth met Bonnie Mackenroth and they both knew that God had called them together to pray for people to receive the miraculous freedom and breakthrough God had for them. The essential wisdom, experience, gifting and amazing heart that Bonnie carries completed the needed pieces God was establishing Stairways Ministry to have. After Elizabeth became ordained and licensed in 2010, Stairways International officially began and the ministry blossomed with miracles. Ephesians 4:11-16 carries the team’s heart for the ministry, which pursues unity, healing, and wholeness for the whole body of Christ worldwide.

Since the ministry began, the team has seen hundreds of people experience deep inner-healing, deliverance, and breakthrough with a deeper relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ, Father God, and the Holy Spirit wherever they have ministered.

In 2013 the Lord spoke with Elizabeth again about how her ministry would be expanding and with that He would give her ministry a new name. The new name Aurora Worldwide means sunrise and resurrection which brings life, hope, and a new beginning. The mission of the team was, and still is to minister freedom, healing, and equip others to know and live in the love of Christ.