Testimonies from people

“My session was amazing. It was neat to feel the holds taken off of my life as the healing was taking place. I’m excited for my daughter to come and have the healing also. I love to see how the Holy Spirit works, and He worked Big time. Thank you for saying yes to God’s calling, you are amazing :))) Blessings.” J. W.

“Elizabeth, thank you, for an awesome healing session today! I am so thankful for your service and devotion to God’s Kingdom. I look forward to the next time we meet!” S.H.

“I felt so much love and healing that I needed. I wish I had gotten this healing when I was so much younger. The heaviness has lifted and I feel light and free to be me and I finally look forward to my future. I’m free of the lies and fears that were oppressing me so much. I’m excited for my friend to come.” K.L.

“My session was great! It helped me so much by allowing the Lord to reconcile my soul from the lies of my past to His truths in order to establish my identity with a new hope and a future. It was a long time coming but it was His perfect timing! Which I know is to affirm me in Him and His family. Also to establish me in the gifts, calling and destiny He intended for me. I am looking forward to doing another session. You are an amazing facilitator of this healing ministry and I am so grateful to you for all you do. Much love and blessings. “ T. W.

“During my session I felt a huge peace with God I never had before. I don’t feel scattered anymore. I feel whole and closeness with Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit I have never felt or experienced before. I have clarity now. I see and understand who I am in partnership with the Kingdom of Heaven. I’m so thankful for the work the Father has equipped Elizabeth to do.” D.G.

“I was so blessed and honored to have your assistance in gaining freedom from a blockage I no longer feel. I get weepy thinking about that I spent so many years with that blocking feeling, and I got freedom from it in just our 2 hour session! I am blessed! I will check out the Healing Your Heart Class. Blessings to you Elizabeth & your family.” D.L.

“Thank you for everything that you do. Since my son had the session, he has gotten over his fear of darkness and being alone in the room at night with doors open. The only way he would feel safe before was to have all the doors closed and the lights on almost to full capacity. He can now sleep in complete darkness (no highlights) and open doors. Thank you again!” N. B.

“I wanted to thank you again for serving the Lord! I knew some things were broke free during our session when I was able to handle myself differently with people I needed to. I was free to see clearly and respond confidently in a healthy way. I look forward to seeing you soon! Blessings.” A.N.

“I felt the weights lifted off of me during the session. I heard God speak to my heart for the first time. Today was life-changing. Thank you!” T.R.

“I have a new peace and contentment.” M.P.

“A lot of past and current wounds have been opened and healed. Absolutely life changing!!!”
“Too much to convey… Yeshua came and set me free from many bondages…I am overwhelmed by Him. Thank you Elizabeth!” R.K.

“You are gifted with God’s heart for the brokenhearted.” S.T.